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What is Marathonkids Ireland?

8-Week Programme for 5th and 6th Class Students

South Dublin County Council along with Fingal County Council and Dublin City Council have organised this 8 week programme targeting 5th & 6th Class students in schools in Fingal and Dublin City.


Students Will

Take part in 4 running sessions per week for 8 weeks
Run 26.2 miles
Learn about the benefits of sports
Run the last mile at the National Sports Campus event
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Overview of Our 8-Week Programme

Students will perform four running sessions each week inching them closer to completing their first marathon as well as learning about the benefits of physical activity.

The finale will see the students running their last mile and completing the marathon at the National Cross Country Course located at the National Sports Campus in Dublin 15.

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You Are Almost There!

You Are Almost There!

Welcome back from your well-deserved break! Did you know you are at Week 8 of the programme? You are almost there! But first, let’s take a peek at this week’s visits by our ambassador David Gillick. We have some nice little videos and...

Fuel Your Body for Sports

Fuel Your Body for Sports

Do we make the right choices when it comes to food? Our body is like a car, it needs fuel. If we fail to fuel our body with the right energy it won’t perform as well as it can. Our ambassador David Gillick answers this and a lot more questions...

Why is Water so Special?

Why is Water so Special?

How much water should we drink? Our ambassador David Gillick answered to this and a lot more questions directly from you when he visited Scoil Santain and St Kevin’s Boys NS in South Dublin this week. We have some nice little videos and...

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