Marathon Families

What is Marathon Families?

With schools being closed and people being asked to stay at home except for vital reasons such as exercise it can be difficult to stay active, especially if you have children at home. Why not take this opportunity to challenge your whole family to complete a Marathon together, whether that is all of you doing a marathon each or doing one as a group?

Marathon Families is an adaptation of the extremely popular MarathonKids Programme that is rolled out across Dublin with 5th and 6th Class Children. Over an 8 week period Children complete a full 42kms and a series of in class lessons on the benefits of Sport and Physical Activity.

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The Programmes

7 Days a Week

The 7 day programme will see participants walking/jogging shorter distances each day of the week over 8 weeks to complete the entire 42km. The 7 day programme is ideal for people starting their fitness journey; we’d encourage you to walk/jog the distances each day

5 Days a Week

The 5 day programme will see participants jogging medium length distances 5 days of the week. Like the other options it will take 8 weeks to complete the Marathon. The 5 day programme is aimed at people who are somewhat active and have a history of regular training.

3 Days a Week

The 3 day programme targets participants who are active and training regularly. The target is to complete 3 runs a week, the distances range from medium to long and over the 8 weeks you will complete the 42km Marathon.

Express Programme

If your time is limited or you have small children why not do an express version of MarathonFamilies, the Express Version rewards everyone’s efforts, whether big or small, by doing a cumulative version amongst your family. So, for example if you decide to do it over a week it is 42km in one week, 2 weeks is 22km per week, 3 weeks is 14km etc etc, tailor it to suit your family’s needs.


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Marathon Families