Why is Water so Special?

Why is Water so Special?

How much water should we drink?

Our ambassador David Gillick answered to this and a lot more questions directly from you when he visited Scoil Santain and St Kevin’s Boys NS in South Dublin this week. We have some nice little videos and some cool pictures, which we will post on our social media and website.

So far we’ve learned that running and exercising is good for both body (Week 2), mind (Week 3) and socially (Week 4) and that there are also a lot of Community Benefits in Exercising (Week 5). This week David will talk about the Importance of Hydration.

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In the Teachers Section you will also find the a nice and easy warm up exercise (one per week). This is the one for Week 6


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Keep up with the great work and roll on Week 6!

The Marathonkids Ireland team

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