Welcome to Marathonkids Ireland 2022!

Welcome to Marathonkids Ireland 2022!

Welcome to Marathonkids Ireland 2022 programme! It’s great to have you on board. As you know, Marathonkids Ireland 2022 will start on the week commencing 21st February 2022. The recommended timeline to complete the programme is 8 weeks.

Each Student will record daily updates in their physical or digital workbooks.

Each Week the interactive workbook will allow students to cover different topics relating to the benefits of Sport:

  • Week 1: Healthy Heart
  • Week 2: Physical Benefits of Exercise
  • Week 3: Mental Benefits of Exercise
  • Week 4: Social Benefits of Exercise
  • Week 5: Community Benefits of Exercise
  • Week 6: The Role of Hydration
  • Week 7: The Role of Nutrition
  • Week 8: The Education Benefits of Exercise

Each topic is broken up into 4 lessons and designed to be cover over 4 days in conjunction with daily run. Students will run/jog/walk an assigned distance each week. This is designed to be completed daily over 4 days, but each school will have the option to design this to suit their facilities.

Recommended Distance each week:

  • Week 1: 2400m
  • Week 2: 3200m
  • Week 3: 4000m
  • Week 4: 4800m
  • Week 5: 5600m
  • Week 6: 6400m
  • Week 7: 6800m
  • Week 8: 8000m

Participating schools can design the Final Mile celebration in house, based on current government health and safety guidelines Teachers will receive weekly emails and updates on the marathonkidsireland.ie website. The content will include hints and tips, Video content including exercise warm ups, nutrition and recipes from Irish international track and field athlete David Gillick. All this content is available to share with the participating students.

Programme changes 

  • We are still reviewing the situation around school visits.
  • We will continue with digital interaction with schools.

But there are no better words to introduce the program than those from our ambassador and former Olympian and 400m European Champion David Gillick:

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