Four Reasons Why You Should Run a Marathon

Four Reasons Why You Should Run a Marathon

Running a marathon and exercising in general has many beneficial effects for both body and mind. By regularly running or exercising you will make progress in four key areas:

Your Body – Physical benefits are one of the most obvious, positive effects of running and exercising in general. Among the many, exercising will help you keep a healthy body-weight and heart

Your Mind – Exercising is key in helping us dealing with stress from school, work, or our social life. By running or exercising regularly you will make progress in the way you think about yourself, the way you get on with others, and how you solve problems

Your Social Circle – One of the benefits of running or exercising is improving our interaction with others. A regular exercise will make us better talkers and listeners and will positively influence how we react to news, whether negative or positive ones

Your Community – Finally, exercising will help you better know your community. By running and exercising together, you will develop a stronger sense of community, which will ultimately make your and your friends’ life a lot more fun!

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